So, why $20?

So, why $20?

So, why $20?

Listen, I want you to buy our product, I think that it is only fair I let you know why I think $20 is a fair trade.

First off, we make these bad boys. Every shirt you put on will have been designed, printed and shipped by OOTC.

We don’t outsource a local shop to make them, or drop ship them through someone. We go through every aspect of this process. Design, print,  then Bless them with Burnouts and ship.

And believe me, I’m not telling you this because of how awesome and hardworking we think we are. Truthfully, it fucking sucked!

Long story short, it took years.

I lost my ass, I’m sure. (Financially, not literally) Learning how to screen print.

Was told trying to accomplish this was "a waste of time" by industry leaders.

Got fucked over and conned out of thousands of dollars by “business professionals”.

Lost great friends, and a testicle. (Literally this time. I will explain… eventually)

All this while nursing a mild alcohol dependency, learning how to build bikes then having to negotiate with the lady on how if she gets another dog, I get another bike.

Second, because I’m not blowing smoke up your ass. At the end of the day it’s a t-shirt.

It’s not bulletproof.

It will catch on fire if you do.

And if you lay your bike down, it won’t make it hurt any less. (Trust me)

We have seen the same brands you have. $25 a shirt. Sometimes even $30 or $40.

Which is awesome for them, I am a legitimate fan and I love some of the things they are doing.

But we grew up blue collar kids in blue collar families. Then we busted our ass for every single dollar we call ours, same as you did.

At the end of the day, we are all here because that thing each of us feels in our own way when we get on a bike.

To us, every dollar we can save you here, is another dollar to put in your tank.

That’s why $20.