About Out Of The Cage


When we started this little adventure, it was solely because we hated the “Ed Hardy “ shit we kept seeing guys on their V-rods wearing.

We were young, and we thought we were cooler than those guys - we weren’t going to wear rhinestones and bandanas. Nostalgic for a party it seemed we were born late for.

Then accidentally, it became a living breathing thing. It kept us out of trouble - and got us thrown out on our ass.

It tested the relationships we had with people, and helped me find stronger ones - and taught me how to bullshit my way into the circles of some of the raddest businessmen I have ever met.

Now, after almost 5 years, when I see a tab that asks me to explain “Who we are?”, I actually feel a bit more confident about answering that question.

We are fucking nobodies; we come from nothing - just like you.

We are Veterans; we are mechanics, car dealers, designers, business owners, operators ; and we are ramblers.

We are from the midwest, west coast, east coast - sea to shining fucking sea.

We are drinkers, we are smokers, we are jokers and we are assholes. And sometimes, not because it's funny to say “ I'm an asshole," I mean: "There’s a possibility that guy might be a really good guy or the biggest piece of shit I have ever met.”

But, we fucking love motorcycles. We love working with our hands, and working hard with them. We are the first to clock in and the last to clock out. We are the ones who never leave before last call, or rev our bikes outside the bar like an asshole (refer back to paragraph 5).

Just like you, in the past 5 years we have dealt with dead friends, motorcycle accidents, shitty people and great times, and miles in between the two. We just want to contribute to the culture we love so much.

 We are Out of the Cage, we welcome everyone - our only rule is, don’t ride a fucking can-am.

Now let’s go play motorcycles.