About Out Of The Cage


When it comes to this topic we get a little weird. Because its never really been about us. We are more of the "behind the scenes" type. This may have to do with some pending legal issues, but mostly because we are more focused on two things.

The first and foremost, riding. A lot of companies get caught up documenting what they are up too, while we understand that is probably a great marketing tool, and we should probably do more of it ourselves. Its simply not us. Truthfully we are too busy riding. It is literally our therapy. Call us purists, but taking a picture of that just never crosses our minds.

When we aren't riding, our next obsession is bringing you the best quality shit we can create. If you only knew how many objects have been thrown violently out of the shop. How many cigarettes have been lit in complete frustration, and shots of bourbon flowed like an oil leak on a sporty. All of this because everything you buy from us, we make for you. We're blue collar bastards, we take pride in what our hands make.

Thats us. We are garage born, whiskey drinking, blue collar assholes. Hellbent on making you look like the sexiest son of a bitch on two wheels. And being damn comfortable doing it.

And no, if you don't understand our name, we aren't going to explain it to you.